Entrance Gate Codes / Security

Entrance Gate Codes and Security
  • Provides gate codes to new residents
  • Provides gate codes to vendors
  • Changes gate codes for residents
  • Maintains gate code system 
  • Realtor Open House Requests

Gate Directory Committee

Directory and Gate Codes Committee              
Chair: Donna Hayworth                                                            

Instructions for admitting your visitors

  1. Each resident has a four (4) digit code that starts with the pound sign (#) sign. This code is entered at the call box and will open the gates. This code should not be given to contractors or workman because we need to limit who is entering the community.  
  2. Each resident has a three (3) digit number beside their name at the call box.  The visitor can enter the three digits and it will call your home or cell number.  When you answer the call you can talk to the visitor and then press nine (9) and it will open the gate.   Another option is for the visitor to lookup your name on the directory, highlight your name and press enter and it will call your phone.  Your home or cell number is never displayed.  This is the preferred method for allowing visitors to enter because you can always ask who is at the gate.  
  3. If you do not know your three (3) digit number, stop by the call box at either gate and look up your name and the three (3) digits will be displayed.
  4. Beware of anyone who calls your number and asks you to open the gate. You have no idea who wants entrance into our community and may not be the person they are purporting to be. 
  5. Our gate software maintains a log of all codes used at all gates including the pedestrian gates.  These logs are reviewed for unusual activity and appropriate action is taken if there is abuse.
  6. Security is the responsibility of all residents of the community and we should control those who gain access to our community.

Realtor Open House Request

The Wakehurst Gate will be opened at the request of the homeowner for a realtor event.
  1. The request must be submitted by Wednesday before the weekend of the open house.
  2. The request goes to the committee.  Click the link below, select "Realtor Open House Request", to send an email to the committee.

Suggestions that will help with the operation of the remotes.

  1. When you approach the gates point your remote at the column which houses the call box.  Do not point at the gates.  The antenna for receiving the signals is located on the gate side of the call box columns. 
  2. If you have driven past the column simply point your remote at the column.
  3. If the gates start to close, Stop Immediately, do not try and "shoot the gap".  If you are close enough the sensors will recognize the car within seconds and reverse the closing. 
  4. Always check for weak or dead batteries if the remote is not operating.