Nominating Committee

Committee Members 2020
Sam Bomar - Chair and Board Liaison
DG McIntyre
Pam Ballato 
Board Members provide the leadership for the Burning Tree Homeowners Association. The goals are to maintain, preserve and enhance our community as one of the preeminent planned communities in Charlotte, thus improving the quality of life for residents.
Our board is a “hands on” board that takes an active role in the management and is supported currently by Cusick Management Company.
Prospective board members should possess most of the following attributes:
A willingness to serve -
A strong desire to  “step-up” to both managing the affairs of the board and community including compliance with rules and regulations found in our governing documents.
 Commitment and ability to give personal time with effort
Active and often detailed involvement as well as monthly board and committee meetings. Some called meetings.
Excellent  volunteer and/or business experience
Previous management experience and/or leadership responsibility in working with a team, board, department or committee, whether in the for-profit or non-profit sector, are strongly desired. Strong community and business expertise preferred.
Strong leadership and people skills
Should possess leadership talents as professionals or volunteers.
This is needed in dealing with community members and vendors. It is also necessary as you build vital relationships with other board and committee members.
Problem solving ability
Required to help resolve the conflicts and situations that will arise in leadership positions
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